pushkinsity_9_105Photography is the first passion I aqcuired in my life. I got it from my father. He gave me a camera and taught me how to use it.
Then I saw the result and my eyes lit up once and forever.
The world around us is wonderful and great. But as they say “Man is the measure of all things” and every person sees the world differently.
Photography allows people to show their view of the beauty of the world objectively.
Photography is the most technoratic of all arts. The skills of dealing with the equipment and constant development are a necessity.
When there’s a will there’s a way. No matter how we view some examplary works of the others, we ourselves need to walk the road of self-improvement.
And that road is always unique.

Hello. My name is Denis Scheglov.

Actual projects:

Gazeta Petersburskaphotographer, editor

Polska Macierz Szkolna w Petersburguhistory teacher, board member

DABL.polska – autor & executant